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Modifying Tree Node Text in the Umbraco Backend

I’m currently working on rebuilding the site using Umbraco and I have created the usual assortment of document types: speakers, meetings, sponsors, etc. For meetings, the name of the node is simply the session title. Unfortunately, this means that finding a meeting requires knowing the session title and I want the node text to b... [More]

Chapters and Seasons

As many of you know I stand firmly against the new TSA screening procedures and indeed I have been quite vocal about them. I cannot accept that men, women and children are forced to play russian roulette with their dignity and health. And I cannot accept that there is zero accountability or oversight for those making and enforcing these new policie... [More]

NYC Give Camp

Next year, January 14-16, Microsoft is helping to organize a National Day of GiveCamp. We at DevExpress are proud to have been asked to help organize a GiveCamp in New York City. What is Give Camp? Give Camp is a weekend for software developers, designers, and other technical professionals to give back to local non-profits in their community. Mo... [More]

This operation requires IIS integrated pipeline mode

I’ve been working on a few ASP.NET MVC demos recently, one of which uses a custom ActionResult to send an iCal file back to the user. As part of the custom ActionResult I add a Content-Disposition header to the reply so the user is prompted to download the file. When I went to test the code in the browser however (Ctrl+F5), I received a “This oper... [More]

Geek Food Drive Is Back In November

I’m excited to announce that we’re back again this year with Geek Food Drive! The challenge is simple: for every user group to hold a food drive at their November meeting this year. So many folks go hungry during the holidays, this is our chance to help some of them have a happier holiday season. What To Do Bring a non-perishable food item to you... [More]

Memo: Zune Desktop Software Usability

I am quite disappointed at how the Zune desktop software user experience has not improved and the product groups don’t drive usability issues. Let me give you my experience from this afternoon: I have the Zune desktop software installed and I checked that it was up to date even though that option is hidden in a lot of settings and I had to guess ... [More]

I’m a Rock Star!

Ok, I might be exaggerating a little, no one is carrying my bags through the airport yet, but I discovered today that my very first song is available at several premiere online music services! I’m really quite excited to have it out there and see it happen! The song is a short one minute and forty five second instrumental piano rendition of the ho... [More]